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Whitepages is being monitored for privacy compliance. We have manually confirmed their Privacy Policy is clear. They have not signed our Privacy Pledge. They do not comply with our deletion requests. Your data is at High Risk with Whitepages. Be careful!
Last Responded: March 2nd, 2023 - 7 months ago
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How do i delete my Whitepages account

Whitepages is a People Search with comprehensive contact information, including cell phone numbers for over 275 million people nationwide. The two main services this People Search site offers are Whitepages SmartCheck and Whitepages TenantCheck. It compiles data from millions of online sources and records from across the 50 states. With the help of SmartCheck service, its users can get an in-depth background report about their search subjects. They can also use TenantCheck service to get an FCRA-certified background report.

Follow the steps below and remove yourself from this website's databases.

Step 1: Look for the Listing you want to Delete

Go to Whitepages homepage here: Use the Person Search feature to search for your listing by using your first & last name, along with the city and state of your residence.


Browse all the search results and look for the listing that belongs to you. Once you verify that the listing is yours, click the "View Details". 


Step 2: Get a Copy of your Listing's URL

After opening your listing, take note of or copy the URL.

Please note: The URL you copy will have a small reference number at the end, usually 11 digits long, such as


Step 3: Submit a Suppression Request

After getting the link of the listing you want to be deleted, go to Whitepages opt-out form by clicking HERE. Paste the URL/web LINK into the entry field and press the "Next" button.


The confirmation page will appear, providing a final chance to verify the contact details of the Profile URL you provided. Click "Remove Me" to continue.


Provide a reason for your request by clicking the arrow down button on the right part of the entry field and selecting your reason from the drop-down menu, such as "I just want to keep my information private". Click "Next".


Step 4: Verify Identity via Phone Call

To finish, Whitepages needs a confirmation code via an automated phone call. Input your cell number, then tick the box to affirm that you are the person associated with the number you provided and that you would like to be removed from Whitepages listings. Press "Call Now to Verify" to receive the phone call.


A four-digit code will appear on the screen (don't navigate away from it), and you should receive a call within a few seconds at the number provided in the previous step. Note that it won't ring as long as most phone calls before disconnecting, only about ten seconds, so answer quickly. And also be aware that since it's technically an automated call, some phone providers' anti-robocall features may try to block or silence it.

Answer the phone call, and listen to the instructions given by the robocaller's voice. It'll ask you to enter the four-digit code on your phone's keypad. Once you do, the robocaller will tell you that your request has been accepted.


If all went well, the page will update and confirm that they are processing the removal of your listing.

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