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People Looker is being monitored for privacy compliance. We have manually confirmed their Privacy Policy is clear. They have not signed our Privacy Pledge. They do not comply with our deletion requests. Your data is at High Risk with People Looker. Be careful!
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People Looker is a People Search Site with an extensive database and access to billions of public records. It provides a background check service that enables users to find out everything they could possibly want to know about their search subjects.

The results from searching on PeopleLooker are so in-depth and thorough, that they may leave you wondering if you could actually keep your sensitive information from anyone willing to pay for it. So, if you're feeling like your privacy is compromised, follow the steps below to start removing yourself from this specific people-search site.

Step 1: Go to the Website's Opt-out Page

Go to NumberGuru homepage here:


Scroll down to the bottom part of their page, then locate and click the "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" under the Help Section.


Step 2: Search for your Information

You will be directed to the BeenVerified website because it currently manages the Opt-Out Process for People Looker. Click on the "Do not Sell my Info" button at the bottom of the popup window.


Enter your first name and last name in the search bar, then select the state where you reside from the drop-down menu and click the "Search" button.


Step 3: Look for the Listing you want to Delete

You will see all the search results for the details you entered, and if you find a match, just click on the arrow button at the right section of each listing.

(Please note that if you find multiple matches, you'll have to contact them at "[email protected]" to help you, since they only permit you to remove one record from their People Search results through their online Opt-Out process)


Step 4: Submit an Opt-out Request

To submit your opt-out request, you will have to enter your email address and solve the CAPTCHA before clicking on the "Send Verification Email" button.


Step 5: Confirm Opt-Out Request

You will receive an email upon submitting your opt-out request. For security reasons, in order for them to begin processing your request, you must click the "Verify Opt-Out" button included in the email.


You will be redirected back to the website, and your opt-out request will be submitted.


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